Jason Shorr Illustration

Illustrator in Disney Consumer Products' Blue Sky Think Tank, Spring '11. Graduated Spring '10 from ArtCenter College of Design. Majored in Illustration/ Entertainment art.
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A Donate Button

If I were to put a donate button on this blog, and each of my followers donated a dollar… My student loans would be almost entirely paid off. 

hey Jason, don't mean to be an ass cause i love your art and that Katniss poster looks beautiful, but "fille sur le feu" sounds weird in french in this context cause it translates as "girl on a fire" as in like she's literally laying on a grill or something - "la fille de feu" "la fille du feu" or "la fille enflammée" would sound better. (I haven't read HG in french but I think it's translated as "la fille du feu" in the books). Cheers :)


Thank you! I wasn’t sure, and I just had a friend tell me that “sur le” would translate oddly also. I’m actually updating the image now :)