Jason Shorr Illustration

Illustrator in Disney Consumer Products' Blue Sky Think Tank, Spring '11. Graduated Spring '10 from ArtCenter College of Design. Majored in Illustration/ Entertainment art.
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If I were to put a donate button on this blog, and each of my followers donated a dollar… My student loans would be almost entirely paid off. 

hey Jason, don't mean to be an ass cause i love your art and that Katniss poster looks beautiful, but "fille sur le feu" sounds weird in french in this context cause it translates as "girl on a fire" as in like she's literally laying on a grill or something - "la fille de feu" "la fille du feu" or "la fille enflammée" would sound better. (I haven't read HG in french but I think it's translated as "la fille du feu" in the books). Cheers :)


Thank you! I wasn’t sure, and I just had a friend tell me that “sur le” would translate oddly also. I’m actually updating the image now :) 

Lupita Art Print by Jason Shorr

I’m trying out Society 6. Only posted a few mini prints so far, but there will be more. Especially if I get a good response!


Hi, Jason. I've been taking a look at your work and I think it's really amazing. So elegant and bold. Illustration has always been my "dream job", but I wonder: how can someone know if they have what it takes to be a professional illustrator? Did you have some special moment that you just knew you were ready and jumped into the carreer? Did you have some kind of external incentive to pursue it (like from a teacher or a mentor) or your personal drive was enough?


First of all, thanks for the compliments. 

Honestly, the only way to know if you have what it takes is to just do it. If we waited till we were sure things would work out favorably in the end, we’d never make mistakes, but we would never learn or do anything at all.  Success does not mean everything is going to be perfect. It means falling on your ass a million times, and getting up a million and one. Having what it takes is being able to separate our personal feelings of inadequacy from the truth of the matter, to silence that little doubting voice long enough to make something really great. 

I just grew up drawing, telling stories with pictures, copying my favorite characters out of Disney Adventures magazine (swear to god… who remembers those??) and I was fortunate enough to have a family who nurtured that talent and drive. So I just sort of always knew that was the path I was on and I ran with it all the way to art school.

If you want to be an illustrator, go do it. Educate yourself not only in art but in business, and draw your ass off. Find what feeds you most and keep working towards that goal. 


Jason Shorr Illustration

FINALLY updated my official website. I used the very nifty, super slick squarespace.com to create this new version. I’m still adding work, details and full resume to come soon, so check back! 

Have you ever considered giving lessons? Even just simple, basic how-to's? :] I know I (and many others) would give anything to get insight from a brilliant artist like yourself.


As a matter of fact, I definitely want to teach someday. I’d like to go back to ArtCenter to teach…. I’d like to do both a portraiture class as well as something a bit more unique and out there. 

I hadn’t thought about doing an online how-to, but maybe? If there were demand for it? 

Good question!


do you have any reference sketches or things that you use or it's just from mind and looking at stuff?


Absolutely! Even when I am creating something from my imagination, I always use reference. The awesome thing about using good reference is it’s kind of like mentally collaging pieces together, and the final product should look seamless when it comes out on paper (or pixels). Most of what you see on this blog are sketches that I’m just doing for practice and fun. I see something I like (usually here on tumblr) and I draw it. I’m using photos to study figures/ musculature and to practice capturing a likeness. Often with the fashion sketches I’m using reference as a jumping off point for me to play with style. When I create a painting (and it’s been a while, sadly) I shoot my own reference material. Fortunately I have some beautiful friends and that helps. Using reference means a much more solid, believable drawing.